Summer Tennis Program

The GSK Summer Program is the highlight of our season. We’re on court Monday through Thursday for 6 weeks starting Monday, June 25. All levels are welcome – beginner through advanced. Come join us on the courts and have a great summer learning/sharpening your tennis skills. Meet some new friends too. We’re proud to say that GSK was awarded the CTA of the Year Award for 2017 by the USTA.

How to Sign Up

Follow the steps below:

Registration 4/1 – 7/15

Find your team number

  • 10 and Under: 4502351511
  • 12 and Under: 45022351512
  • 14 and Under: 4502351513
  • 18 and Under Intermediate: 4502351514
  • 18 and Under Advanced: 4502351515

If you don’t have a specific team yet, just use the Open Registration Team ID, and you’ll be assigned to the correct team later.

Sign up for USTA

If your child is not already a USTA member, register him or her either on the USTA website or by calling USTA Member Services at 1-800-990-8782. The registration fee will be $20.

Be sure to write down your USTA Number, because you’ll need it for the next steps.

You will be sent a USTA membership card, and will start receiving either Tennis Magazine or Bounce, depending on your child’s age.

Register on TennisLink

Register for Granite State Kids on TennisLink. Be sure to enter the proper Team ID for your child’s age and ability level. The registration fee for TennisLink will be $50.

Additional local practice fee of $125.00 due on first day of practice. Checks payable to Granite State Kids.