Frequently Asked Questions

What level is my child?

Beginner: New to the sport, no experience with match play

Intermediate: Child has some experience to moderately strong play. Can serve, score, maintain a rally. High school varsity #3 and down. 3.4 rating or lower.

Advanced: Very experienced player. Strong serve, developed shots and match play. Hit with consistency and direction. High school varsity #1 and 2. 3.5 rating and higher

Child must be 14 through August 31 to play in 14 Intermediate/Advanced, or 18 through August 31 to play in 18 Intermediate/Advanced.

What does my child need to bring?

Come prepared for outside play in warm/hot weather. Sneakers, hat, sunscreen, water, racket if available.

How can I help?

Spread the word! The more kids the merrier.

Does my child have to attend every session?

No. To qualify for NH State Tournament play and beyond, player must have played in 3 matches.

Do the parent/s need to stay?

No. Please make every attempt to pick up your child at the end of session. We will not leave a child unattended.

What is needed to qualify for NH State Tournament and beyond play?

Child needs to be registered on team and played at least 3 matches during the 2018 Summer session.

Can my children play together even though different ages?

Children are best playing in their own age groups and ability levels. We level the groups during practices.

How do I become an assistant?

Basic requirements are 16 years of age and older, high school varsity or college player, participated in GSK. We hire high energy, responsible, positive role models that love to play and enjoy kids.